Located in Hayes Valley, a beautiful, green area, we coincidentally found a super amazing breakfast Café close to the Painted Ladies.

La Boulangerie is – surprise suprise – a French Café that serves an awesome variety of fresh made pastries, sandwiches and salad bowls. 

Everything we tried: the croissants, the egg sandwich and the salad bowls tasted amazing!
What I really loved about this place is you can indulge in French pastries or go for a healthy salad. 

And if you like coffee as much as I do, the Cappuccino is served in cups as big as soup mugs …
Also the ambience of this Café is really lovely as it feels more family like and not touristy. 

So if you are in San Francisco I can really recommend visiting one of the La Boulangerie Café!
Down below you find the address and opening times of my favorite!

500 Hayes Street
San Francisco CA 94102
6:30am – 5pm, 415-400-4451