Working out is, besides a balanced diet, the key element for a healthy lifestyle. It also helps with weightloss and keeping off shredded weight. But sometime staying on the coach, being lazy, seems so much more pleasing, right? Here are my 5 best tips to conquer your weaker self and get moving:

1. Listen to Music or an Audiobook:

Listening to music can make your workout so much more enjoyable, especially if you choose cheerful and fast songs. Recently I discovered listening to audio books during my longer runs and I love it!

2. Workout buddy:

Working out with a partner is great, because you can motivate each other to stick to a routine!

3. Goals & Rewards:

Set yourself a motivational goal e.g. taking part in a competition. This makes you more likely to stick to your workout.

Also reward yourself for completing a workout, this will work in your subconscious as a positiv reinforcement and you are more likely to work out more often!

4. Don’t be to hard on yourself, start small:

Especially if you haven’t worked out for years starting can be very tough. Don’t expect to much from yourself, start with little exercise and increase the duration slowly. Remember, you must enjoy the exercise or you will not stick to it!

5. Workout clothes:

This will rather be a tip for us ladies: Having nice workout clothes you like and feel comfortable in makes every workout way more enjoyable   😉 !