My name is Inga and I’m a medical student from Germany. 

Currently I’m in my sixth and last year of medical school which is very practically orientated with lots of rotations through the main medical subject to get as much hands on experience as possible.

Although I’m in my last year I haven’t yet decided which specialty I will go into. At the moment my favorite subjects are internal medicine, dermatology, ophthalmology and radiology – I guess it will be one of these four!

There are a couple of reasons why I started this blog. 


Going to medical school is super interesting, you learn fascinating facts about the body (nearly) every day. The amount of information you have to learn by heart is massive, so a lot of the time you just passively learn stuff and there is little to no active or creative work which I missed. 

So this blog is my creative space! 

Scientific Information 

During the last years I developed a great interest in the possibility of disease prevention by a healthy lifestyle. So many diseases these days are linked to a poor diet, a lack of movement / exercise and bad self-care. Finding reliable high quality information about healthy living is not so easy for non-dietitians/physicians is not so easy. 

The information quality provided by the media about a healthy lifestyle is predominantly poor, diets are promoted with no scientific background or evidence. Some diet / lifestyle tips from health professionals are great, the vast majority (presented by self named experts or companies trying to sell products) sadly is not. These diets might only cost a fortune without helping, but some diets might even harm you. 

The amount of diet myths wandering around the web is insane. Finding scientific information and creating content based on these is my goal. 


Creating a website was and still is a big challenge for me.
IT has never been my strong suit and I still sometimes struggle with technical problems but it makes me happy when I can solve them!