As a cardio exercise there are many wonderful options and I tried out a lot: dancing, running, horseback riding but I would have never thought I would start road biking one day. 

Now it is one of my favorite (summer) activities! 

A couple of years ago I started to have knee problems from running to often and a friend recommended to try road biking – I was super skeptical but tried it and I had to admit – it’s super fun!

Road biking is less exhausting than running (at least for me 😄), great for people with knee problems and you see way more of the world as biking 40 km is done easily. Recently I saw a fox!

Road biking is also a great exercise for girls – don’t fear to get supersize thighs – they rather get more toned and slimmer! 😉

As a road bikes can be quite pricy, rent one for a couple of days and see if you like it! Some companies even offer trial group rides for free e.g. Canyon* regularly offers these events (

It might seem like a huge investment but (for me) it was absolut worth it. 

As I mentioned above in winter I do not like do ride outside because I get reeeeeally cold. So in winter I use my bike indoors with a bike trainer once or twice a week (mostly while watching Netflix* 😄), not nearly as fun as riding outside but staying active is important!

*Advertising because of brand naming.