Just recently a very interesting article about the link between daily carbohydrate intake and mortality was published in The Lancet Public Health (a very renown and top ranked medical journal). 

Condensed the study shows a U – shaped coherence between energy consumption from carbohydrates and mortality. This means that a very high, over 70%, and also a very low intake of carbohydrates, less than 40 %, is unhealthy and is associated with a higher mortality!

A moderate 50 – 55 % of energy uptake from carbohydrates is ideal according to this study (which is by the way the recommended amount by the German Association of Nutrition anyway). 

This stands in great contrast to popular diets which restrict carbohydrates (low carb diets) and recommend a high amount of protein per day to induce short term weightloss. 

So indulge in fruits, veggies, whole wheat bread and pasta!

Read the full article here.