As the flu and cold season is right around the corner I would like to share some recipes for vitamin loaded juices. 

In autumn and winter the range of available fresh fruits decrease and most people therefore eat less of these. But especially in the colder season it is extra important to boost the immune system with a sufficient amount of vitamins!

This does not mean eating or drinking a lot of fruits and vegetables will absolutely prevent any cold and flu. The body will just have the optimal precondition to fight anything coming your way! 

To be honest when I first started drinking vegetable juice I wasn’t convinced at all. Juice has to have something sweet to it – at least for me. Carrot juice has always been the exception – I love fresh carrot juice. All the following recipes contain vegetables but still taste quite sweet! 

1. Red Velvet Juice:
3 Beets
500 ml freshly squeezed orange juice

Red beets contain great amounts of vitamin a, b, c, furthermore calcium and iron. Orange juice is also a great source for vitamin c. Vitamin a and c are important for a fully functioning immune system! The taste of beet juice can be quite strong but in combination with orange juice it tastes very good. Also the colour is a lovely dark red! 

2. Green Power:
250 g Kale
250 g Spinach
2 Apples
1/2 Cucumber

Green juice can taste quite intensively, by adding cucumber and apples the flavor becomes sweeter but is still interesting!
This juice is loaded with vitamin k from spinach and kale, vitamin a from apples and cucumbers.

3. Carrot Juice:
1 kg Carrots

Carrot juice has always been my favorite juice. There is a huge difference between freshly pressed carrot juice and the one you can buy at the supermarket so I strongly recommend trying the fresh juice.